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Last updates

Here is the first song released from the EP to come, PERPETUAL STATE OF WAR (unmastered version).

There is still vocals to record, a few details to polish and finalize the mix of the whole EP and it will be ready to go.

The release will be mastered in studio. More details about this will come later.

Here is the soundtrack of the EP:

  1. Roots – Intro
  2. The Reign of Tyranny
  3. Black Phoenix
  4. Perpetual State of War
  5. The Ground Shall Tremble – Interlude
  6. The Upward Path
  7. Meat for the Wolves
  8. Invasion – Outro

Stay tuned.


I’m glad to present to you the official website of Kaligulaa. I’m currently recording the first EP. About 30 minutes of Brutal Blackened Death Metal with a dark and powerful atmosphere. A few songs will be available for listen and download very soon. Meaning while, be sure to check this website once in a while and checkout the official facebook page.

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